Prime American Coatings is proud to serve California with the best quality painting experience. 
Transforming your vision into reality, with our professional and experienced Painters.


At Prime American Coatings, we provide outstanding results in line with industry

standards and offer our expertise to you and your project whether your home, business,

commercial property, investment property, Interior or exterior.

Prime American Coatings is your Professional painting company​




We understand the needs of your business. Providing 24 hour service, We will work during shutdown hours to prevent interruption of your production.​ 

Our goal is to treat your home as our own. We specialize in quality customer service, collaborating with you during the entire process to ensure your vision becomes reality.​

We are specialist in the process and application of industrial grade products.Using High end specialty coatings, to coat, protect and prevent corrosion.​



1. Initial Contact,

site inspection and estimation




2. Get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements




3. Proposal and project approval




4. Material Orders and Work Schedule


7. Project Work & Inspections




8. Bringing it all together safely and efficiently




9. Project Completion




10.We love it when a plan comes together!​